#patio loewe - student project
Postgraduate Certificate in Fashion Visual Merchandising
London College of Fashion
the project
Taking LOEWE as an hypothetical client, it was developed a whole project around the brand and a new conceptual scheme for a brand of lifestyle experience; a space where art, craft and design meet each other under the same roof sponsored by the Spanish luxury brand. A space where local creatives and artisans patronised by LOEWE could show their work as well as their talent, while LOEWE in conjunction with them will create a capsule collection to be sold in-store.
the kiosk
The square-like central space, crowned with a Victorian style kiosk, it is meant to be the heart of the store. Arranged like a meeting point, to host encounters, conversations, workshops or even entertaining perfomances.
special collections
Showing the furniture/home collection as well as the pieces from selected craftmanships; all the works commended for their reinterpretation of used resoures and their sustainable values.
capsule collection
Displaying LOEWE’s capsule collections born as a result of all the collaborations developed with different artisans, as well as the most iconic pieces of their permanent leather collections.